Duluth Homegrown Music writes:  In 1979 Terry Bradshaw quarterbacked the Steelers, the Knack just released “My Sharona,” The Muppet Movie, played at the drive-in, and Duluth’s original folk maiden Gina Lee began her professional music career. For the next decade, she gigged in rock and country outfits, and then things like family and work took precedent. Now she’s back playing regular solo shows at Quinlan’s, Beaner’s, and Amazing Grace, to name a few. Her delicate vocals haven’t aged a day. Her 12-string guitar sounds as bright as ever, and while her songwriting has matured, her subject matter remains light and optimistic.

Okay.  I want to say that although I can have "delicate' vocals as they wrote above, and so far my recordings have been a bit 'delicate' on the vocals, truth is I'm a vocal powerhouse and you might be surprised when you hear me sing live.  Actually, I am much more a powerhouse vocalist than a delicate one!   I plan, on my next album, to bring out the power of my vocals more!  Peace!

Thanks for visiting my website!  My new CD - "A Soft Place to Land" is finished and ready for sale!  $15 each (including sales tax) plus shipping and handling.  Let me know if you're interested and thanks for your wonderful support! XOXO

ALSO, I now have individual songs available for sale under the "Purchase Songs" section.  Each song is .99¢. Thanks!  XO



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