• So!  I have been super busy (aren't we all?!)!  Wrote a new Christmas song - yes, I know, it is SUMMER in the northern hemisphere, why on earth am I writing a Christmas song?  It is for charity.  The Christmas by the Lake CD which raises money for the Bluebird Foundation.  This foundation uses the money for scholarships for young people in the arts, i.e., music, dance, painting, sculpture, etc. 

    I have also been busy writing.... a book which has now been published!  It is not music related so I won't go into details.  If interested, please message me and I will send you the pertinent information.

    Summer is rapidly coming to an end.  I hope everyone had a good Summer.  Here's to the coming Autumn and making more music and writing and family and friends and holidays and all things good and lovely!


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